Account overview

Account balance, graphic overview of transactions and other features that simplify and speed up everything that has ever appeared to be tedious or complicated.

Pocopay is a current account that brings your everyday money matters and management to the 21st century. Download the Pocopay app to bring your everyday money matters into modern times.


  • Transaction history

    You have a graphical overview of all the incoming and outgoing transactions. Easily go and search through all the transaction details.

  • Export statements

    Create and export official statements if needed. Choose your custom time period and send statements to your email.

  • Finding your IBAN and remembering it can be tough, but we have solved secure account sharing with one simple click.


Dashboard gives you quick and easy access to your profile, settings and everyday money matters. It also helps you to get to know the app better by introducing our latest features.

Manage your profile and settings

Personalise your profile and add yourself an avatar picture. You'll also find Poco Community under your profile, where you can see all your contacts who are Pocopay users and with whom transactions are instant.

We tried to make managing your profile and account settings as simple as possible – change profile picture, select app language, tweak sound settings, enable fingerprint confirmation and do a lot more straight from the app.

Making payments and requests