Pay and request money instantly

Make payments and money requests to telephone numbers and email addresses. Yes, the good old IBAN works too.

Money transfers between Pocopay users takes no more than 1 second – a new standard in money transfers that we're happy to introduce.

Send money with emotions

Say "Thanks!"

Say thank you (or anything actually) when someone sends you money. You can find the "Thanks!" icon from notification centre, history or payment detail view.

Take a snap or attach a GIF

Money transfer can be more than just numbers changing on your account balance. Add playful GIFs to your payments, requests or when you want to say thank you. Our playful GIF’s provide the joy of discovery as well as give forward the emotions.

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  • Pay and request money with QR

    Every Pocopay user gets a unique QR code. Scan it and quickly request or pay money.

  • Payment templates

    Make your life easier by creating simple templates for your frequent payments.

  • Schedule a payment or request

    You can schedule your payments and requests so you never miss a thing.

Splitting bills on the go

It’s always a hassle when visiting a restaurant or a cinema with your friends and somebody has to take care of the bill. With Pocopay, you can send requests to all the participants and collect your money instantly.

  • Splitting bills on the go
  • Splitting bills on the go
  • Splitting bills on the go