Pocopay Contactless MasterCard debit card

All Pocopay users can order a Pocopay debit MasterCard with one click straight from the app to shop online and offline.

It is packed with all the features you need and love. It really is The King of debit cards.

Access your card settings any time

Control your card security from your phone. Change password and passcode, manage card usage limits and allowed regions. Also, you can block and unblock the card, turn contactless payments on and off. All from the comfort of your phone! We'll let you know if your card payment should fail for any reason. For example when you have reached your card limits or if you need to unblock the card to use it.

Your card centre

  • Choose the limits for cash withdrawal, purchases etc.

  • Manage the regions where your card works

  • Turn contactless payments on/off for your card

  • Stay safe by blocking/unblocking your card

  • Order a new debit-card with one click

  • Get familiar with the debit card conditions